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C.O.P.E. Center North is in the West Little River area at 9950 N.W. 19th Avenue, Miami, Florida. We give mothers who seek to obtain their diploma and their children (ages 3 weeks to 4 years) the opportunity to enroll in school with a daycare facility on campus at no cost. This gives our teen mothers an opportunity to feel comfortable with where their babies are, be responsible and caring parents, while simultaneously working towards their secondary and post-secondary goals. Our mothers also have the opportunity to enroll in the Dual Enrollment program at D.A. Dorsey Technical College and Lindsey Hopkins Technical College. Of the students attending COPE North, 52% are African American, 45% are Hispanic and 3% are white. The school is staffed with a Student Services Department to include school counselors, a school social worker, school nurses, and a fully equipped clinic supported by the Paschal Clinic. Our Student Services Department addresses the educational, social, health and wellness needs of our teen parents and their children.

In addition to our instructional program, a NAEYC Accredited on-campus childcare facility provides quality childcare by experienced early-childhood professionals, dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of our infants and toddlers.


Mission Statement

Continuing Opportunities for Purposeful Education (C.O.P.E.) Center North endeavors to create a culture where children are nurtured, supported, educated and respected. Throughout the school year we challenge our students to use the discovery process to learn more about themselves while simultaneously constructing an understanding of subject matter imparted via simulations, demonstrations, explicit explanations and representations. The C.O.P.E. community teaches self and parental awareness as well as social responsibility. Our faculty and staff prepare our students to transform the world beginning with their own well-being, reaching forward to transform their community, their state and the universe.

Vision Statement

Continuing Opportunities for Purposeful Education (C.O.P.E.) Center North empowers students to become change agents that enter the real world equipped with knowledge, expertise, consciousness, values and social justice mindfulness. Our students are the innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers and pioneers of the 21st Century.